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5 Facts about Ottawa's Crossing Guards

Are you looking for a flexible part time job with no evening or weekend shifts? Do you love your community and being outside?

Being a Crossing Guard could be the perfect fit.

Help keep kids safe and join our team of dedicated Crossing Guards

Book WalkSafe Presentations for your students!

WalkSafe Program

WalkSafe Presentations are free to all elementary schools in Ottawa.

  • Experiential, age appropriate, hands-on, fun road safety presentations for JK-Grade 6
  • Our presenters come to your school!
  • Presentations run between 30 minutes (JK-4) to 2 hours (Grade 5-6)

RoadSMARTS 4 Kids!

The RoadSMARTS4Kids (RS4K) library of resources provides digital, “turn-key” educational resources for use by teachers, educators and parents. RS4K makes learning important road safety concepts, skills and awareness fun and engaging for elementary age children, while meeting curriculum requirements.

These resources are free, easy to use and cover a variety of age-appropriate road safety teachings.

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Motorcycle Charity Ride – September 28th

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About the Ottawa Safety Council

Whether you are driving, riding, walking, or cycling, regardless of age, we all use the roads in some way.

This means that we have a responsibility to keep our roads safe for ourselves and others. By playing our part, we can reduce risk and help to eliminate road accidents in our community.

The Ottawa Safety Council is a not-for-profit organization offering an array of road safety programs and services within the community. Through education, training, and awareness, we want to enable everyone to help create safer roads in our communities.

Our Crossing Guard Program services the cities of Brockville, Ottawa, and Toronto.


employed crossing guards across ontario


Hours of Experience Our Motorcycle Instructors Since 1967


School Zone Crossing Locations Across Ontario

What OSC Offers our Communities

Our Crossing Guard Program

Not all heroes wear capes… some wear high visibility vests!

Our crossing guards love the flexible schedule, seeing familiar faces, and making a difference in their communities. Crossing guards play an essential role in keeping our school zones and children safe. Morning and afternoon, as kids walk to and from school, our crossing guards are stationed at over 470 intersections (in Brockville, Ottawa and Toronto) to ensure they can cross the road safely.

Do you want to help keep our school zones safe?

We are actively seeking more crossing guards to join our team

  • Paid positions.
  • Flexible work.
  • Make a difference in your community.

Our Motorcycle Training Programs

At the Ottawa Safety Council, we are passionate about ensuring the next generation of riders get the best start possible. We offer various programs ranging from an introductory course targeted at those who have never ridden a motorcycle, a M2 Exit Course for those wanting to obtain their full M licence and an Experienced Rider Course for those who want to continue to learn and finesse their skills.

Road Safety Zone

Learn about road safety with us! We focus on road safety to ensure our communities are safe and that the people in those communities feel empowered with the knowledge and tools needed to write their own road safety stories. Select a section below to begin your learning journey!

WalkSafe Program
CycleSafe Program
Road SMARTS 4 kids
Walking School Bus

Community Road Safety

Show your support for road safety and share your passion for it with your friends, family, and community. We can all work together to make sure our roads are safe. Let’s make our community safer and stronger!

Road SMARTS 4 kids

We All Have a Road Safety Story

Share yours with us today!

Personal stories about road safety successes, failures, and lessons help us understand our roles in keeping our roads safe.

“You should be aware of your own comfort level. You know what you can handle and if something ever feels out of your comfort zone, just don’t do it.” Amy Volume.

“Make sure to be seen. [As a pedestrian,] what I make sure to do is stop before I cross and make eye contact with the driver. Then I know, ok they see me, and I can safely cross the road without any fear of being hit.”- Road safety tips from an avid pedestrian.

We all have a road safety story. Write, record, and share yours with us.

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