5 Summer Road Safety Activities for Kids

Jul 4, 2022 | Cycle Safety, Pedestrian Safety, Road Safety

Summer can seem both short and long, especially when you’re a kid. It likely won’t be long into the holidays before you run out of planned activities to keep children occupied. Head off boredom before it happens (and sneak in a little learning) with our ready-to-go online road safety activities for kids.

Plan a safe walking route – Grades 1 to 4

Give your kids a planning and physical activity in one! They’ll use the resources you give them to plan a safe route for a family walk. They will take note of any special points of interest along the way and places to be extra careful as pedestrians. Appoint your oldest to be your tour guide. Have them make a colour-coded map, and then share a pleasant after-dinner stroll as a family (we won’t tell if it involves stopping at the ice cream shop). Bonus points for turning your new favourite route into a recurring event!

Bike Rodeo – Grades 1 to 6

A DIY Bike Rodeo is a great way to pass an afternoon with your kids. It’s an even better excuse to invite the families on your street for a fun neighbourhood get-together.!Choose a quiet cul-de-sac and set up our pre-made challenges and activities which will teach kids how to navigate roads safely on their bikes (and provide some gentle competition). Toss in a decorated bike parade around the block and a cooler full of freezies, and you’ve got an easy summer party for your kids to plan, run, and attend.

Scavenger Hunt – Grades 3 to 6

Beautiful sunshine and warm temperatures mean it’s time to get outside! Promote road safety with our Road Safety Scavenger Hunt. This activity encourages kids to go for a walk and helps them spot common street signs and pedestrian crossings. We bet their favourite part will be spotting pedestrians who aren’t following the rules!

As a bonus, consider letting your kids aged 10-and-up try the hunt on their own. Children in grades 5 or 6 might be ready for a solo walking trip in quiet neighbourhoods. Especially, if you have been over the safety rules and they are familiar with the area. A walk around the block with a specific activity to keep them focused is an exciting first step towards independence.

Distraction learning activity – Grades 3 to 6

Distraction is a leading cause of pedestrian accidents for kids. Sadly, many of them aren’t even aware it’s a potential problem. Our distraction learning activity is a fun way to introduce the idea of distraction to older children who might be interested in starting to walk alone to the park or a friend’s house. You’ll need to act as a facilitator for this one. But the follow-up conversation about how to be a safe walker on our roads makes for a great family dinner chat. It also gives you the reassurance that they’re ready to be out on their own.

Road Safety Activities Printables – Grades 3 to 8

Just looking for a quiet activity to keep them busy on a rainy summer day? Our printables – word searches and crossword puzzles – are ready to help your older kids do something interactive while reviewing the most important things to consider when it comes to walking safely, cycling safety, or navigating school zones. Better print an extra copy – you might be tempted to join in!

Remember that staying safe on our roads is a family effort and that summertime is the perfect time to remind your free-range kids of the rules with fun and engaging road safety activities. Happy having (safe) fun in the sun!

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