5 Road Safety Tips For Halloween Night

Oct 24, 2022 | Pedestrian Safety

Happy Halloween! Today is the day children look forward to all year! Today they get to go around their neighbourhood to collect as much candy as possible. If not careful, this excitement can easily cause accidents on the roads. Use these five tips to make this, and every Halloween, a fun and safe one for pedestrians and drivers!

Dress to be seen

It is always a good idea for children to be seen by drivers while out collecting candy in the evening. Adding something reflective to a Halloween costume helps drivers to see you better. Some great items to use to dress to be seen at night are:

  • Reflective vests, wrist and /or ankle bands
  • Glow sticks
  • Lanterns
  • Flashlights

Consider using face paint over a mask

Wearing face paint over a mask makes it easier for kids to see. When worn, masks can block the bottom of their vision. This can lead to causing tripping and falling accidents around the neighbourhood.

Be cautious when crossing the street

Trick-Or-Treating can cause excitement in kids and drivers. Looking both ways before crossing the street and using crosswalks allows for safer roads for everyone.

Pay attention

Drivers and costumed kiddies must be aware of safety while on the streets. Pedestrians should always stay on the sidewalk, if possible, or on the side of the street. Kids must also be careful of visual barriers that could take them out of a driver’s line of sight, such as parked cars and large bushes or trees.

Drivers must be mindful of pedestrians (watch out for zig-zagging young ghosts and goblins!) and drive slower in residential zones.

Safety first!

Road safety should be a priority while out and about your neighbourhood, especially on Halloween Night!

  • Pedestrians should stay in a group of at least three people and stay close so no one gets lost.
  • Children under 12 should be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • Emergency contact information is great to have on hand should a child stray away from the group.
  • Drivers should ditch distractions, such as cell phones, food and drink, and stay alert while driving.
  • While behind the wheel, be mindful of excited kids who may suddenly dart out in your vision and be cautious when entering and exiting roadways.


For more Halloween safety tips, check out this video from our friends at Parachute Canada.


Safer roads in our communities are possible if everyone takes part. Taking the #Road SMARTS pledge shows how you Support Making All Roads Safe, even on All Hallows Eve. Visit https://www.ottawasafetycouncil.ca/road-smarts to learn more details and take the pledge today!