About Us

The Ottawa Safety Council is a not-for-profit organization offering an array of programs and services to the residents of Ottawa. Our programs include Motorcycle Training and School Zone Safety (Crossing Guards, Pedestrian Safety, Walking School Bus, and Bicycle Safety).

About OSC

Our History

Founded as a not-for-profit, non-government organization in 1957, we have enjoyed a well-established reputation as a leader in safety education. We continually check our environment to identify gaps in safety promotion and seek to meet the need, either through individual effort or with the many health and safety-related organizations throughout Ottawa and Eastern Ontario with whom we cooperate.

Our Mission

To deliver best-in-class road safe services, education, training and awareness throughout our communities.

Our Vision

Guiding communities towards safe roads, no matter how travelled.

Our Values

  1. Integrity, honesty and professionalism
  2. Sustainable programs and organizational goals that promotes wellness and safety.
  3. Road safety through prevention and education
  4. Collaboration and empowerment through community engagement



Pillars of our Strategic Plan

number 1

Deliver all program offerings at a high-level of quality that ensures the highest level of customer satisfaction.

number 2

Focus and grow program offerings in the Ottawa region.

number 3

Seek opportunities outside the Ottawa region where the OSC can add value and the associated risks can be well managed.

number 4

Become a trusted advisor on road safe services, education, training and awareness in the communities we serve.

number 5

Strengthen OSC’s financial and economic sustainability.

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OSC Members are passionate about road safety in their communities. They have taken the pledge to Support Making All Road Travel Safe and are working with us to increase road safety awareness and education in Ottawa and surrounding areas. Join our membership and make a difference in your community today!

OSC Membership entitles you to:

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  • 15% Discount on OSC Motorcycle Experience Rider Course and Workshops

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Media Queries

For interviews, speaking engagements, information and other media-related queries regarding the Ottawa Safety Council’s road safety programs, initiatives, and resources, please contact Jamie Kwong at jamie.kwong@ottawasafetycouncil.ca or 613.238.1513 ext.223

Meet our Team

Jamie Kwong

Jamie Kwong


613-238-1513 ext. 223

With over 10+ years of experience, Jamie is a respected community builder, and led the following non-profit organizations as the Executive Director: The Ottawa Music Industry Coalition, The Vanier Business Improvement Area, and the Orléans Chamber of Commerce prior to joining the Ottawa Safety Council.  She has a strong track-record for results, forging innovative collaborations, and is known for her advocacy efforts.  She holds a Master’s of Arts degree in criminology from the University of Ottawa and believes in the importance of prevention by creating the conditions that build healthy communities. 

Kelly Banks


613-238-1513 ext.225

Ottawa’s roads connect Kelly to everything important in her life – family, friends, work and play. Whether she is biking, walking or driving, her most precious cargo is her son, Corbin, and her number one priority is his safety. “Everyone we encounter on our roads share similar priorities, they have children, partners, family and friends that care about them, and we all play a part in making sure they get home safely.”

Christine Tambeau


613-238-1513 ext. 228 Christine.tambeau@ottawasafetycouncil.ca

Christine grew up riding motorcycles, snowmobiles and ATVs around her family home in Quebec. She tried her brother’s dirt bike when she was 12 years old, and the love for two wheels grew from there. “I enjoy riding my motorcycle around Ottawa but find the most pleasure in taking the long way through the winding country roads.”


Virginia Quinn


613-238-1513 ext. 227

Living in the east end of Ottawa and working in the west end, Virginia’s primary transportation mode is by car. The privilege of driving gives her a sense of freedom and independence. She loves exploring, and there is everything to be discovered by driving. “Driving makes our vast country accessible.”

Stephanie Dotto


613-238-1513 ext. 224

Stephanie considers herself a pedestrian road user who can be found chasing her toddler through their beautiful Kanata nature paths. “Drivers, cyclists and pedestrians need to share the road and take care of each other.”

Sherry Cashman


613-238-1513 ext. 222

Sherry is an avid road user. Whether she is commuting daily into Ottawa or leisurely biking, or walking down nearby rural roads, she appreciates the value of road safety advocacy. And when she is not on the road, you can find her snowmobiling in the winter or travelling to a beach in the summer.

Jillian MacDonald

Jillian Palmer

Program Coordinator, School Zone Safety

613-238-1513 ext. 230


All roads lead to adventure, and Jillian likes adventure. Exploring by car or on foot, she is always looking for the forgotten nooks and less-travelled lane-ways that make Ottawa so interesting and unique. She loves living in a city that encourages active transportation and feels we owe it to ourselves and to each other to share the roads and pathways responsibly so that everyone can arrive safely at their destination.

Dominique Rutherford


613-238-1513 ext. 231

Growing up in a rural area of Ottawa before moving to an urban centre, Dominique appreciates the different elements of Ottawa’s infrastructure and charm. “Our roads help us stay connected to others and the beauty of our community. It’s important that we remember their value and have consideration for one another’s safety”

Meet our Board of Directors

William Skorupinski


Automotive Services Division, CAA

William joined the Ottawa Safety Council to share his expertise of road safety that he has gathered not only within Ottawa but throughout North America and Europe. The CAA and the Ottawa Safety Council have very similar interests: safety while enjoying the roads no matter how you travel, be it on foot, bicycle, or motorized vehicle. William uses Ottawa’s road network for travel within the community, running, and as a novice cyclist. “Living on the edge of the urban boundary allows me to appreciate the safety challenges in both an urban and a rural environment.”

Cathy Anderson


Client Executive, NTT Data – managing growth and delivery for Ottawa customers

Logging over 5000 km per year cycling, Cathy’s preferred method of transpiration is her road bike. In the summer, she also rides a gravel bike on gravel roads in rural Ottawa and a fat bike in the winter. She is a runner and participates in most local running events. Cathy has extensive education and 25 years of experience helping organizations modernize technologies, transform service delivery, and in strategic growth for both private and not-for-profit organizations. “As one of the injured parties in the "Kanata 5" cycling accident in 2009, my interest in safe transportation is very personal.”

Motorcycle Safety Reminders for Experienced Riders

Jennifer Hyatt


Jennifer has many professional titles including Chartered Professional Accountant, Certified General Accountant, Certified Fraud Examiner, and mediator. Over the course of her career as a Forensic Accountant, Jennifer has worked with thousands of people involved in motor vehicle accidents which makes her passionate about making our roads safer for everyone.

Conal Slobodin


Government Relations Professional

Conal uses Ottawa's roads as both a pedestrian (who loves and prefers walking) and a motorist. His background is in government advocacy, partnerships, and strategy, which helps OSC build its relationships with the city and its stakeholders.Without safe roads, we struggle to enjoy what our community has to offer sustainably."

Greg Kostiuk


Systems Engineer, Canadian Defence Sector

What started as a passion for contributing to motorcyclists' road safety and giving back from his own experience taking the MTP course in 1986 has now broadened to embrace many aspects of road safety in Ottawa through his continued involvement as a Director. Besides encouraging road safety and awareness to new riders as a Director and OSC Volunteer MTP motorcycle instructor for over five years, Greg also enjoys riding his vintage 1985 BMW motorcycle and relaxing walks with his dog.

Erin Peruska


Environment Health and Safety Manager in Technology Sector

With her safety and risk management experience, Erin understands the extreme importance of road safety programs and resources. As an avid road user, she is often driving her kids to sports and activities or walking around her neighbourhood with her dog. “I love that I can see our work in action through the crossing guard program.”

Mark Donnison


Senior Executive – Not for profit

Mark is a strategic leader with extensive experience navigating ambitious change agendas. He’s recognized as a builder of high-performing, diverse teams capable of adjusting to today’s work environment. He brings a broad perspective from both the private and not-for-profit sectors. 

As a dad to an adolescent son, he’s an advocate for the effective blending of various modes of transport and safety measures. As a holder of a valid M license for close to 25 years, he has a profound interest in ensuring that anyone hopping onto two wheels is highly skilled and can enjoy the sights and the sounds as the wind blows through one’s hair. Under a helmet, of course.

Prasath Sarma

Prasath Sarma



Prasath is a highly flexible executive with experience in strategic planning, engineering, operations and IT.  He enables transformation through cultural change and is committed to organizational and individual success.  He has an engineering degree from Ryerson and has lived in Ottawa for the past 15 years. 

As a father of 2 school-aged boys, safety is a top priority for Prasath.  He loves walking with his dog and going on family bike rides throughout Ottawa.  "I'm glad to be part of organizations like OSC that embed the safety culture so we, as a community, can live, work and enjoy our city safely."

Dwight Stewart

Dwight Stewart



Dwight is an experienced professional with a background in Information Technology and Public safety. He has been acknowledged as being a calm and decisive leader under stressful situations, and he has worked as a trainer and mentor to his colleagues.

He Is frequently outdoors and using Ottawa's roadways from driving, to motorcycling, or with family members cycling.  He has young children that love the outdoors, and he is enthusiastic about helping to ensure that they and all the members of our community can safely enjoy our beautiful city. 

“I could not be happier than to be part of an organization that helps to protect the children that will form our future."

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