Crossing Guards – Our Community Superheroes!

Aug 2, 2022 | Crossing Guards, School Zone Safety

Want to earn money this coming year while supporting your community and making a real difference? If so, join our team as a Crossing Guard! We’re making plans now for the upcoming school year, and we’d love to count you in. Here’s why >>

Crossing Guards are paid

Crossing Guards are paid! They are also mandated by law. The Highway Traffic Act outlines when and where a Crossing Guard should be used. They have the full legal authority to create stoppages in traffic to allow for safe crossings and to help pedestrians, cyclists, skateboarders, and scooters navigate the busy areas near school zones.

Crossing Guards receive training and mentoring in order to become experts in all types of intersections. They’re pros at everything from two-way stops to marked pedestrian crossovers to roundabouts. They know how to safely and firmly control traffic, work with many different transport streams at once, and act with authority to make sure everyone in the school zone area behaves in a risk-free manner.

The Ottawa Safety Council (OSC) provides all equipment required. The OSC badge Crossing Guards wear on their vests mark them as trained professionals who are ready to lead.

Support your community

The number one thing our Crossing Guards love about their work is getting to know their community. They love seeing the same families and children every day and getting to know them as they help them make their way to school or work each morning. In return, they become one of the most recognized members of their neighbourhood. They become someone who is trusted, valued, and known for being caring and considerate.

Our Crossing Guards come from all walks of life.

You’ll get to know some amazing co-workers in addition to meeting your neighbours. You might meet:

  • Involved grandparents who want to see their grandchildren each day.
  • Busy stay-at-home parents who run households in between shifts.
  • Hobbyists who love having lots of time to devote to gardening, crafting, or reading.
  • People who love being outside in all seasons.
  • People who balance being a Crossing Guard with other part-time work.
  • New Canadians wanting to get to know their new community.
  • Retired people who want to stay fresh mentally and physically.
  • And more!

One thing all of our guards have in common is how much they love the flexible, part-time hours. In addition to allowing for personal time, hobbies, or other part-time work each day, we can also accommodate job sharing; some guards work only a few days a week and their position is rounded out by another guard working opposite hours. We’re happy to find a schedule that works for you.

Adding you to our team will only make it richer, more interesting, and more diverse.

Make a difference

Studies have shown that Crossing Guards make a difference to the safety of children in school zones. Whether kids are on bikes or on foot, our guards use their skills to guide traffic and make sure all students make it to school safely each day. And by enforcing the laws around intersections and crossing zones, they help educate drivers about road safety.

Crossing Guards aren’t just for children. The Highway Traffic Act specifically states that they should help all pedestrians in their zone cross safely. It’s important for them to treat all crossers the same so that drivers know what to expect and encourage them to act respectfully at all times to all people on foot. Those in our communities who are elderly or have reduced physical abilities benefit especially from crossing aid at the busiest, most accident-prone times of day, which include commute times like early morning and mid-afternoon.

Not all superheroes wear capes – some wear reflective vests! Learn more about getting involved and get the application process started by visiting our employment page.

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