Motorcycle Training Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I have to wait 60 days after getting my M1 license before I can take a course?

No. You can take a course at any time while your M1 is valid. After you have passed the riding test, you must however wait 60 days from the day you got the M1 before you can upgrade to an M2. Your M1 expires after 90 days.

What type of riding gear do I require?

In order to participate in our courses, you must have a legal motorcycle helmet and eye protection, sturdy jacket and pants, boots that protect the ankles and leather gloves. For full details what gear is required can be found on each program page

Does your course include a licensing test?

Yes. The Ottawa Safety Council is a recognized testing authority for the MTO. The final component of the course is a riding skills evaluation (a test). When you pass the test, you will be eligible to upgrade your M1 license to an M2. The test is conducted on the course on Sunday. Course fees include your test fees

Where do I go to get my license upgraded?

Any Drive Test center. Service Ontario does NOT issue licenses.

Can I attend a lecture that is not on the course I have selected?

You must attend the lecture immediately prior to your upcoming weekend

Do I get a certificate upon completing the course:

When you complete the course you will receive a certificate demonstrating you have successfully completed a Canada Safety Council sanctioned rider training course.

I cannot get both weekend days off, can I split my course across 2 weekends?

No, the course must be taken in a full weekend and cannot be split.

Can I come in and pay in person?

Yes, we take cash in person at the office PROVIDED the student pays finance first and receives an invoice and that the payment is almost as close to the fee as possible as we never have a large till on hand.

Can I register for a course without paying?

No, full payment must be made to secure your seat for the selected course

Can a split my payment?

No, full payment must be made at the time of registration

Do you offer any discounts?

No (unless they are part of our facilities organizations, which would be a discount of 35%)

I see no seats available for the weekend I want, can you squeeze me into the course?

No, but we can put you on a waiting list in case a spot does open up

What type of bikes do you use?

We have a variety of small displacement motorcycles (125-250cc) that can fit any student. The motorcycles represent several different configurations including sport bike, dual sport and standard models.

I'm vertically challenged, do you have anything that will fit me?

We have a variety of small displacement motorcycles (125-250cc) that can fit any student. The motorcycles represent several different configurations including sport bike, dual sport and standard models.

Can I use my own motorcycle for the Gearing Up Course?


Do you provide motorcycles for the M2 Exit course?

No, this course must be completed on a motorcycle you supply.

Can I use a borrowed bike for the M2 Exit Course?


Where is the best place to buy gear?

We do not recommend one specific store, but any motorcycle shop can help you find proper fitting and appropriate motorcycle gear. There are also many online retailers with motorcycle specific clothing that would be course appropriate. 

How long do I have to wait before I am eligible for my full M?

A minimum of 18 months from the day you get your M2.

Do you offer a refresher course?

The ERC course is great to dust off some rust and kick some old habits.

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