Get To Know Ottawa’s Crossing Guards!

Jun 17, 2021 | Crossing Guards

The safety of students is everyone’s priority – and it’s something our Crossing Guards take very seriously. We appreciate our crossing guards and know that when they are not working, they miss the students, parents and community. We encourage people to get to know their Crossing Guard and smile and say hello – including when you see them away from their posting and out in the community.

Meet Caroline

Crossing Guard Caroline

The Family/Work-Life Balancer

Caroline loves being outside in the community and really appreciates her short 40 minute shifts that give her the flexibility to have the rest of the day for hobbies and Other commitments. She also enjoys summers off to spend time with family.
Area: Kanata South
School: St. James Catholic School

Meet Hanefi

Ottawa Crossing Guard Hanefi

The Active Senior

Hanefi is Turkish-Canadian and worked in construction for over 30 years before joining the OSC. At the age of 80, he proudly boasts of being one of our most elder guards. His advice to stay mentally and physically active in your senior years. Being a Crossing Guard is a perfect fit!
Area: Alta Vista & Blossom Park
Schools: Alta Vista P.S. & Sawmill Creek P.S.

Meet Laurie & Lenise

Ottawa Crossing Guards Laurie and Lenise

The Active Grandparents

Laurie and Lenise are retired and Crossing Guards at their grandkids school. When they are not working they love to spend time with their 5 grandkids. Why be a Crossing Guard? Because it’s fun!
Area: Kanata South
Schools: E.E.P. Maurice-Lapointe & St. Anne Elementary School

Meet Alyson

Ottawa Crossing Guard Alyson

The Morning Gardener

Alyson likes having mornings free to garden and enjoy other hobbies. She works afternoons and loves that it gets her outside with the community. Being a Crossing Guard is a perfect fit!
Area: Orleans
Schools: Convent Glen C.S. & Terry Fox E.S.

Meet Lesli

The People Person

Lesli loves the social part of being a crossing guard. Seeing her school kids is one of the highlights of her day. The part-time hours mean she also has lots of time for walking her 2 dogs and gardening. Being a Crossing Guard is the perfect fit!
Area: Orleans
Schools: EE.E.C. Alain-Fortin & Avalon Public School

Meet Claire

Ottawa Crossing Guard Claire

The Close-to-Home Guard

As someone who does not drive Claire loves her spot, which is right by her house! Under 3 minutes walk. She’s finished her shifts at 3 every day so that still gives her lots of time to work her afternoon retail job. Being a Crossing Guard is a perfect fit!
Area: Orleans
School: E.E.C. Saint-Joseph d’Orleans

Meet Kennylin

Ottawa Crossing Guard Kennylin

The Time Manager

Kennylin really likes having a part-time job that fits her family’s schedule. Being a crossing guard still leaves her time to run her household and get her 2 kids to their sports and dance classes. Being a Crossing Guard is the perfect fit!
Area: Barrhaven
School: Berrigan Elementary School

Meet Maddy

Ottawa Crossing Guard Maddy

The Musician

Maddy is a violinist. Being a Crossing Guard is a perfect additional part-time job. With short morning and afternoon shifts it still allows for lots of time to follow her musical passion.
Area: Orlean
Schools: St. Kateri Takakwitha C.S. / Étoile-de-l’Est E.E.C. / Henry Larsen P.S. / St. Joseph d’Orleans E.E.C

Meet Sally

Ottawa Crossing Guard Sally

The Award-Winning Guard

Voted Ottawa’s 2021 Favorite Crossing Guard Sally has dedicated a lot of her life to working and volunteering with kids. She also loves being outdoors. This makes being a crossing guard the perfect fit.
Area: Carlington/Westboro/Wellington West
Schools: W.E. Gowling P.S., Broadview P.S. St. George C.S.

Meet Gail

The Multi-Tasker

Gail started as a Crossing Guard at her kids’ school. The short morning and afternoon shifts fit perfectly around her other job. Being a Crossing Guard is the perfect fit!
Area: Kanata South
Schools: Castlefrank and Katimavik Elementary Schools

Meet Nancy

The Outdoor Enthusiast

Nancy is an early riser and loves winter and being outdoors. When she’s not working you may find her hiking, swimming or walking her dog. As a busy mom of 3, the part-time hours of being a Crossing Guard are a perfect fit!
Area: Kanata South
Schools: Roch Carrier E.S., St. Anne C.S., E.E.C. Elizabeth Bruyere

Meet Anandavel

Ottawa Crossing Guard Anan

The Fresh Air Enthusiast

Anan is retired and likes being outdoors where he can enjoy the fresh air and listen to birds singing. He likes meeting the kids, parents, grandparents and pets and appreciates how being a Crossing Guard helps him stay physically healthy and mentally active especially during the pandemic.
Area: Barrhaven
School: Chapman Mills P.S.

Meet Zainab

Ottawa Crossing Guard Zainab

The High School Student

Zainab is proud to be there to help keep the kids in her community safe. Seeing the happy smiling kids just makes her day. Being a High School student she only works afternoons after her classes have finished. The short shifts still allow for time to focus on her own schooling. Being a Crossing Guard is the perfect fit!
Area: Alta Vista
School: Pleasant Park P.S.

We’re Hiring Crossing Guards!

Earn extra income and create a safer neighbourhood – become a Crossing Guard! We are looking for responsible, reliable people who care about safety in their community, enjoy working with adults and children, and enjoy being active in the outdoors. You’ve seen them at the intersections in your neighbourhood, but did you know that being a Crossing Guard provides you with the opportunity to earn extra income while contributing to the safety of the children in your neighbourhood? You’ll be able to tailor a schedule to fit your life, meet new friends, and stay active and get outside. Click here for more information.