Meet the Guard: Val Hamilton

Dec 20, 2018 | Crossing Guards, School Zone Safety

We asked our Employee of the Month a few questions about her day to day as a Crossing guard with the City of Ottawa.

Val was nominated by a resident who saw her helping two young students who were in need of assistance. A young girl had no winter boots and her feet were near freezing. Val lent her extra socks and made sure her and her brother made it to school safely.

Jess: What made you want to be a Crossing Guard?
Val: The position was recommended by a friend when I was retiring from my former position with CIBC.

Jess: What is the best part of your job?

Val: I love being able to walk to work and interacting in my own community. The shift is short and fairly simple, and I feel like I am making a contribution. I get to know my neighbours and help out friends.

Jess: What are some of your keys to success?

Val: I approach all situations with a positive attitude. I remember that I am here for my community, and that I do my best to stay fit and motivated.

Jess: How do you approach difficult situations while on duty?
Val: I always keep a smile on my face and try to stay as calm as possible. Recently I had an interaction with someone who ran a stop sign. He was aggressive and kind of tore a stip off me. I kept my cool and didn’t say anything, but I admit, it bothered me. Weeks later he came back and apologized. We smile at each other and he even brings me coffee sometimes!

Val has been with the Ottawa Safety Council for 4 years and is a smiling face for her community each day. Remember- your Adult Crossing Guards are here for you and are a safe, friendly contact for your child during their trip to school. Thanks Val, you rock!