Motorcycle 2016 Wrap-Up!

Nov 30, 2016 | Motorcycle Safety

Trophies available for motorcycle training banquetWith [most] motorbikes now stowed and riding gear crammed into closets that unaccountably shrink jackets and pants down one half size over the winter, it was time to celebrate the completion of another great year of OSC motorcycle training.

The annual Motorcycle Safety Program year end banquet took place at the elegant and historic Army Officers’ Mess on Ottawa’s Somerset Street West on Friday November 18.    Close to 70 volunteers and office staff and their guests, once armed with complimentary beverage tickets, visited the bar and then settled into small gatherings in the various rooms on the main floor.   Throughout the evening, a slide show cycled through dozens of motorcycling-related photos submitted by our volunteers.

After the tasty meal, and over dessert and coffee, the various awards were presented.    Recipients for CSC M1 Exit service awards were Holly Raymond and Graham Benning (each attaining 250 hours of service); Bill Menchenton and Ron Poirier (each achieving the 500 hours milestone); Tim Cropley, James Watt and Amanda Jenkins (reaching 750 hours each); and marking 2,000 hours of service, Kris Taylor.

M2 Exit service awards went to Glenn Cauley having reached 750 hours (of demo riding!!!—talk about Iron B_tt!), Mike Laflamme (1500 hours) and for 2,000 hours, Andy Miljour.

ERC Service awards were presented to Stephen Young (100 hours) and James Watt (500 hours).

To then heighten the anticipation and buzz of what ended up appearing like a saddlebag-full of raffle prizes, Ian Firth was announced as the Frank Carver Trophy winner; Graham Benning accepted the Miro Choynowski Trophy; Lance Bennett won the John Waters Trophy; the Ray Budds Trophy was awarded to Rod Delcourt; and Julie Vogt accepted the Chiefs’ Choice Award.

If you’ve never attended the OSC year-end banquet, I do encourage you to do so.  It’s a nice evening and a great opportunity to catch up with others, enjoy a great meal, and most importantly to celebrate and acknowledge that you play an important role in Ottawa’s motorcycling community.

Another year is in the “books” – thanks to all that make each moving piece move.

By:  Ghost Rider Writer


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