Motorcycle Training Program

Since 1967, our Motorcycle Training program has been dedicated to keeping people safe by building the skills of motorcyclists. We work with students to develop their understanding and ability to operate and control a motorcycle, build their confidence and instill safety-oriented mental strategies for riding. We have over 40 certified volunteer instructors who are passionate about motorcycles and teaching, and love what they do.

The Ottawa Safety Council is a recognized testing authority for the MTO in the M1 Exit and M2 Exit programs. The Gearing Up M1 Exit and Gearing Up Introduction courses deliver the Canada Safety Council’s (CSC) curriculum, Canada’s leading and most widely available novice motorcycle rider training program.

Registration for courses opens in the Spring (March/April). Registration is based on a first-come, first-served method – once registration is full, you can be added to our waiting list and will be notified when more courses are available.

Courses run from around April until September.

Our MTP courses

Gearing Up Intro

Introduction | 3 hours
$140.00 CAD + HST

Gearing Up Intro is an introduction to riding. It is best for inexperienced riders who want to see if motorcycling is for them or those who may wish for extra practice time.

Gearing Up Intro is a low-pressure way to determine whether or not individuals want to ride a motorcycle. With an effective student-instructor ratio and relaxed pace, students learn the most important skills to operate a motorcycle confidently. It does not offer any licensing privileges but is perfect for those who haven’t ridden a motorcycle or if someone is slightly hesitant.

The Gearing Up Intro course consists of three hours of hands-on riding instruction and practices out on our range. Instructors teach students the basic motorcycle controls and operations, so they get a feel for the ride. Taking Gearing Up Intro can significantly increase a student’s chance of success if they decide to proceed with the M1 Exit course.

Motorcycle provided for this course.


Gearing Up (M1 Exit)

Beginner | 3 days
$565.00 CAD + HST

Licensing: Upgrades M1 to M2. Students must hold a valid M1 licence prior to the course start date.

M1 Exit is a popular course and follows the Canada Safety Council’s motorcycle rider training curriculum. M1 Exit is designed for novice riders but can offer insight and skills development for any rider who needs to get their licence. Students learn the skills needed to operate a motorcycle confidently and pass their road test.

Motorcycle provided for this course.


Beginner COMBO package

Gearing Up Intro + Gearing Up (M1 Exit)
$645.00 CAD + HST

This course package includes the 3 hour beginner introductory course followed by the M1Exit course the following week. The package is designed to ensure your best chances of success. Dates are predetermined and cannot be adjusted or changed.

For full course descriptions and requirements, please see the courses listed above. Registration information and available dates coming soon!

Motorcycle provided for these courses.

What is your motorcycle goal?

Not licensed?

If you are not sure Gearing Up course is right for you, answer the following questions to help determine which program to register for.

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M2 Exit Preparation Course (Lecture only)

Lecture Only | 1 Day
$70.00 CAD + HST

Licensing: Full M License

The M2 Lecture course is targeted at experienced active riders who have an M2 and are eligible to upgrade to a full M. It is the final phase of Ontario’s graduated licensing system – to assist in a rider’s graduation from the M2 to the full M license. In this course we will go over the M2EXIT test step by step to get the rider prepared to successfully complete their M2 Road Test with the Ministry of Transportation.

**LECTURE ONLY, no on road practice is included in this course.


  • Valid M2 license

M2 Exit

Full M License | 3 days
$595.00 CAD + HST

Licensing: Upgrades M2 to M

The M2-Exit course is targeted at experienced active riders who have an M2 and are eligible to upgrade to a full M. It is the final phase of Ontario’s graduated licensing system – a rider’s graduation from the M2 to the full M license. Students learn the street-oriented riding skills required for the Ontario M licence and safety-oriented strategies for riding in traffic. Students ride in active traffic, so they need to be comfortable with real-world riding on streets and highways. Students are required to provide a motorcycle for the practical and testing portions, which is properly licensed, road safe, and insured, as well as riding gear that meets our criteria.


  • Valid M2 license (valid 18 months (with prior training) or 22 months (without prior motorcycle training).
  • Their own motorcycle that is licenced, insured, and in road-worthy condition.
  • Proper riding gear (helmet, boots, gloves, riding jacket, and pants). Click here for list of required equipment

Program Terms and Conditions

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