OSC Membership


OSC Members are passionate about road safety in their communities. They have taken the pledge to Support Making All Road Travel Safe and are working with us to increase road safety awareness and education in Ottawa and surrounding areas. Join our membership and make a difference in your community today!

OSC Membership entitles you to:

  • Attend and Vote at the OSC Annual General Meeting
  • Preferred CAA Membership Rates
  • 15% Discount on OSC Motorcycle Experience Rider Course and Workshops

Applicant Details

Terms of Membership Application:

Annual Membership Fees are due annually, prior to the Annual General Meeting (end of May). Annual Membership Renewal Notices will be sent to all Members in good standing, on our about May 1st of each year. Your Membership Application Fee represents dues for the current calendar year, up to one day prior to the date of the AGM in the following year.

Once your application and payment are received, applicants will receive a welcome e-mail within 7-10 days with their Membership ID#, to be used when claiming OSC Membership Perks!

All new applicants will become “voting” members upon approval of their application by the Board of Directors (usually within 30 days).