Road SMARTS 4 kids

Resources for kids!

Our RoadSMARTS 4 Kids page offers all kinds of resources, activities, challenges, downloadable lesson plans and videos that make learning important road safety concepts, skills and awareness fun and engaging for kids.

We are never too young to start learning about road safety. Thinking about our children walking and cycling independently can be daunting and worrisome but it doesn’t have to be! Parents, teachers and adults have a responsibility to ensure our kids are prepared and empowered to keep themselves safe on our roads. By actively engaging and talking to children about road safety we can ensure we raise responsible, aware and safer road users.

Activity Sheets and Printables

Hey Kids! Want to start earning your RoadSMARTS licence? Start by downloading some of our fun activity pages.

CycleSafe Word Search

Grades 3–6

WalkSafe Word Search

Grades 3–6

School Zone Word Search

Grades 3–6

WalkSafe Crossword Puzzle

Grades 5–8

DIY Activities

Help your kids learn road safety tips, familiarize them with road signs and encourage them to be safer pedestrians and cyclists with these simple and fun activities you can do around the house and while out walking and cycling as a family! Sign up to receive free, fun, age-appropriate road safety activities.

WalkSafe Teacher Program

In lieu of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have modified our Walksafe content that would have been traditionally delivered to students by an OSC presenter and packaged it as downloadable lesson plans aligned with Ministry of Education curriculum requirements, resources, activity sheets and videos that teachers can deliver in their classrooms until such time as we can resume in-class presentations. 

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Click here to visit our WalkSafe teacher Program page to find out more about the different programs and downlaod the teacher’s packages.

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Donations to the Ottawa Safety Council help us to continue building new programming and creating and delivering awareness campaigns to bring road safety advocacy and awareness to everyone in Ottawa, regardless of how they travel.

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