Road Safety Scavenger Hunt

Jun 18, 2020 | Pedestrian Safety, Road Safety, School Zone Safety

Scavenger HuntSummer is the perfect time of year to learn, review, and remind our children of road safety, including the importance of obeying road rules and knowing what different road signs mean.

To make road safety a bit more fun, we created a Road Safety Scavenger Hunt! Suitable for children in grades 3 to 6, the objective is to work with the kids to find each item and discuss what each of them means (i.e., traffic lights are for drivers, pedestrians lights are for pedestrians, i.e., walk/don’t walk, etc).

Click here to download and print your Road Safety Scavenger Hunt

Once you have the Road Safety Scavenger Hunt printed, grab a clipboard (or lightweight hardcover book), a pencil or marker and head out to find all the items on the list. You can also make a note of how many of each item are in your neighbourhood as well as which ones are not in your neighbourhood (and ask why that might be?). You can even stretch out the Scavenger Hunt over a weekend or take it in the car for a road trip!

Have fun! And if you’re on social media, help us spread the word about Road Safety by posting a picture of your completed scavenger hunt and tag us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Do you have Road SMARTS?

Road safety is a shared responsibility, regardless of how you use the road. Our friends, family, children, and colleagues are impacted several times daily by road safety. When tragedy strikes, too often we feel powerless in terms of making an impact to prevent further issues. If you would like to get more involved in road safety, we invite you to take the #RoadSMARTS pledge. By taking the Road SMARTS Pledge, you Support Making All Road Travel Safe, which can help improve road safety for everyone. When road behaviours change, accidents can be reduced. For more information and to take the pledge for free, visit