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Thinking about our children walking and cycling independently can be daunting and worrisome but it doesn’t have to be! Parents have a responsibility to ensure our kids are prepared and empowered to keep themselves safe on our roads. By actively engaging and talking to children about road safety we can ensure we raise responsible, aware and safer road users.

Help your kids learn road safety tips, familiarize them with road signs and encourage them to be safer pedestrians and cyclists with these simple and fun activities you can do around the house and while out walking and cycling as a family and/or through our free interactive and educational virtual courses in our RoadSMARTS E-cademy!

Explore our Educational Road Safety Programs

WalkSafe Program

JK – Grade 6

Concepts taught in our WalkSAFE programs include walking safely near traffic, intersections & crosswalk, how to read traffic and pedestrian lights, the 5 steps to crossing the street, visual barriers, how clothing helps us see and be seen, making eye contact with other road users, right of way/wait your turn, except the unexpected, the dangers of distraction and stopping distances for vehicles.

CycleSafe Program

Grade 1 – Grade 6

CycleSAFE prepares students and kids with skills and awareness needed to safely share our roads with other road users.  Less about how to ride a bike, it focuses on how to stay safe while sharing the road riding your bike.  Concepts taught include hand signals, communicating with other road users, safe gear (i.e., helmet fitting), interpreting road signs and traffic lights, shoulder checks, hazards scanning, how to fall safely, cycling on different terrains, right of way, lane vs edge riding and the dangers of selective attention and target fixation. 

WalkSafe Program

Grade 3 – Grade 6

The WalkALONE program is designed to help parents and educator determine if a child is ready to start walking some places on their own. It prepares them to do so safely by covering concepts such as readiness, judgement & decision making, road safety rules, people smarts, safe zones, emergency preparedness, and safe route planning. Students follow along in a workbook throughout the program and once complete, their workbook serves as a guide with checklist for reference any time they want to try walking somewhere new. Students will earn and download their personalized WalkAlone license.

WalkSafe Program

Grade 1 – Grade 3

The BESTFIT Booster program provides an overview of the two types of booster seats, who uses them and why.  Safety concepts such as how booster seats prevent injuries, how to wear your seatbelt properly, and how you know you are the right height to move from a booster seat into sitting in a regular seat with a seatbelt are reinforced.  Finally, students will participate in a measuring activity to see if their height is in the recommended range for using a booster seat. 

Virtual E-learning Courses

ENROLL in the RoadSMARTS E-cademy

Enroll your kids in our RoadSMARTS E-cademy and Blinker, from the “Planet Zero”, will lead your kids through virtual, fun, interactive and educational road safety courses about cycling and walking safely, while they earn planet zero points along the way!

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Activity Sheets and Printables

Print and complete these activity sheets to learn important road safety terms and definitions.

CycleSafe Word Search

Grades 3–6

WalkSafe Word Search

Grades 3–6

School Zone Word Search

Grades 3–6

WalkSafe Crossword Puzzle

Grades 5–8

DIY Activities

Going for a family walk? Teaching your kids to ride their bike?  Download these simple, fun and effective activities to help guide you through important road safety teachings that all kids should know.

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