Road Safety Zone

Roads and school zones can become overwhelming with motorists trying to get to their destination, busses arriving and leaving, parents dropping off and picking up their children and students walking, biking, and skateboarding.

The Ottawa Safety Council runs several road safety and school zone safety programs that bring the community together and makes sure that everyone gets to their destinations safely every day.

Crossing Guards

Not all heroes wear capes! Your local Adult Crossing Guards help protect children crossing Ottawa’s intersections every morning and every afternoon when the school bells ring. They are out there in 35-below temperatures, rain, snow, dust and heat. They ensure your child’s journey to school and back home is safe by maintaining visibility at over 200 busy intersections. 

Walking School Bus

The Walking School Bus is an active form of transportation to school. Students are met at “bus stops” and chaperoned by a trained adult Leader and walk along a predesignated route to school!

Ottawa Safety Council Bike Rodeos provide young cyclists the chance to learn safe riding skills, and rules of the road, through fun activities and/or demonstrations. Bike safety is a core component of our programming for children, from kindergarten through grades 5.

Trained instructors facilitate the course and provide all materials. Children are required to bring their bikes and helmets.

WalkSafe Program

The Ottawa Safety Council has been delivering exciting, fun, interactive and age-appropriate Children’s Pedestrian Safety Presentations since 2008 with overwhelmingly positive reviews! The City of Ottawa and OSTA partner with the Ottawa Safety Council to provide funding that allows us to deliver the program for free to students in schools all over the City.

WalkSafe Program

Did you know 8 out of 10 car seats are installed incorrectly? To help parents navigate the complicated world of car seat and booster seat safety, we have put together some information and resources. Although this does not replace a consultation with a child passenger safety technician, it is a helpful guide to get you started.

Help Support the Ottawa Safety Council

Donations to the Ottawa Safety Council help us to continue building new programming and creating and delivering awareness campaigns to bring road safety advocacy and awareness to everyone in Ottawa, regardless of how they travel.

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