Together We Can Make Ottawa Roads Safer

Aug 8, 2022 | Cycle Safety, Motorcycle Safety, Pedestrian Safety, Road Safety, School Zone Safety

Ottawa lost five people to accidents over the second weekend in July. Those tragic losses come on the heels of several other fatalities in June. This year’s Collision Data Summary from the Ottawa Police shows that road-related deaths in 2021 were higher than in 2020 and that more pedestrian incidents were involved. Fatalities due to road accidents shouldn’t be acceptable, but together we can make Ottawa roads safer.

Deaths and injuries due to traffic incidents do not have to be something we think of as unavoidable; we need to start thinking of collisions as absolutely preventable. Here at the Ottawa Safety Council, our plan (not a dream, but a plan) is Vision Zero – the idea that through awareness, regulation, and effective system design, we will have zero fatalities on Ottawa roads by 2035.

How can we make Ottawa roads safer?

All members of our community can help spread awareness of safety rules and guidelines, whether they use our transit network as pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, or car drivers. By learning the rules of the road and teaching them to your family and friends, you can make a concrete difference as we move towards Vision Zero as a city.

The free resources on this website are a great place to start. We’ve put together modules, handouts, and courses that make it fun and easy to learn simple safety suggestions that can help protect you and protect others when you’re out and about.


Taking the RoadSMARTS Pledge

As an individual or as a family, you can add your name to our roster of supporters who stand behind the idea of road safety. You commit to using patience, caution and care when travelling our roads and to take special care around school zones and senior living areas. We invite you to share your pledge on your social media accounts to help spread the word even wider.

Teaching road safety rules to your kids

Whether you make use of our fun home activities for kids and their parents or introduce your children’s teachers to our ready-to-go school modules, you can make sure that the next generation is ready to act safely and responsibly. They’re never too young to start learning about road signs, safe crossings, and common distractions.

Joining a CycleSafe workshop

Our summer cycling workshops are free and teach the youngest bikers the basics, but also are a great introduction to riding alone for older kids and a good refresher for adults who will be leading family bike rides.

Signing up for our newsletter

Our newsletter is a great place to stay up to date on changing laws and new developments in road safety, as well as learn about our upcoming programming. Sign up by clicking here – and be sure to follow our social media accounts too, where we share road safety tips five days a week.

Working to secure school zones

Feel like taking a more active role in protecting kids in your community? Start a Walking School Bus, promote proper drop-off processes at your school, or best of all, find employment by joining our amazing team of Crossing Guards, who make a big difference to the safety and security of all pedestrians in busy school zones.

Getting top-tier safety training for motorcycle licensing

Lastly, if you’re considering getting your motorcycle license, don’t settle for the bare minimum needed to pass. As one of the most vulnerable drivers on our roads, keep yourself safe by taking our series of programs that teach defensive maneuvers and methods to move safely among larger vehicles.

These might sound like small, easy steps to take – and they are! But if we all take the same small steps together, they’ll turn into one giant leap forward. Join our community of concerned citizens and lets all plan for Vision Zero as one.