What to Wear to Protect Yourself When Riding a Motorcycle

May 23, 2018 | Motorcycle Safety

Man riding a motorcycle on roadWritten by Jessica Leeks, Edited by Kerry Darlington

Riding a motorcycle can be an amazing experience but it does come with a lot of safety risks since you are not protected by anything except your gear. When participating in any of our Motorcycle Training Courses, you must come equipped with full riding gear, so why stop there? Here are the 6 things that could save your life.


Helmets create an additional layer for the head that can protect you from severe forms of traumatic brain injury. They can be one of the most important pieces of equipment you will own. When picking a helmet, make sure it is DOT, SNELL, or ECE approved motorcycle helmets and though we recommend a full- face helmet, there are lots of different styles that you can choose from!

Eye Protection

You need to be able to see what is in front of you, and with strong wind and even bugs coming at you, eye protection is a must! A helmet visor is best, but you can wear goggles, glasses, or even sunglasses. Just make sure that you can see, in every condition.


A recent statistic from OPP suggested that around 48% of all motorcycle accidents in 2017 were not the motorcycle riders fault, this means that a sturdy jacket can benefit you drastically. What is a sturdy jacket? You need arm coverage from shoulder to wrist, sleeveless vests won’t help you when you are sliding across the hot pavement. Leather or a synthetic that is designed for a motorcycle is best; however, a heavy denim jacket is acceptable (especially if you are able to get the new ones with padding). Next, make sure the jacket is in good condition!


Now your hands! When you fall down, your natural instinct is to reach out with your hands to stop yourself. This means your gloves will be a big asset to you! Make sure they are full fingered and extend past the wrist bone. Full leather gloves with some padding are ideal, but canvas or synthetic will still help (as long as the palms are leather!). Remember, proper fit is everything when it comes to your gloves.


When riding a motorcycle, make sure you wear your pants and not just any pants! Long-legged pants preferably leather or motorcycle synthetics, there cannot be any rips or tears in the material and make sure they are long enough to cover the lower leg and your boots.


Working out way down to your toes, go try some nice shoes on – some that will cover your feet and ankles! Boots should be high enough to cover the ankle bone, this is to make sure that no lower leg skin is showing. We always prefer leather riding boots but construction boots (not steel toe), sturdy hiking boots, even cowboy boots work great! Try to avoid lightweight canvas, sneakers, and dress shoes as they don’t offer great protection. Be sure, if your shoes have laces that anything loose is tucked away!


Have a safe drive!